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Full Version: Lady Catches Glimpse of Other Realities and Dimensions on Film
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Stella Lansing was a middle-aged housewife from Massachusetts  who in 1961 began experiencing strange, and otherworldly events that over time led her down a bizarre path of UFOs, Strange humanoid creatures, Men In Black, and visions of other worlds. Most of which she managed to capture on different types of film. Here we take a look at Stella Lansing’s work and research into a nightmare that followed her throughout her adult life. The life of Stella Lansing: Photographs from beyond.

It all began in a cool September day in 1961 when Stella noticed a bright hovering orb outside her home in Northampton, Massachusetts. The object hovered at tree line level off in the distant sky before zooming closely to her, stopping in mid-air between her house and her neighbor’s garage. That terrifying incident, although short, marked the beginning of Stella’s journey.

Strange lights
During the great Northeast Blackout of 1965, Stella was driving to deliver candles to a friend whose house had also been swallowed up by the rolling darkness that swept through the neighborhoods. En route via Flynt Street, Stella noticed a bright light overhead. She saw the same glowing object that visited her four years before. This time however, it was traveling through the telephone poles along the highway she was driving down. Her terror and confusion was temporarily hijacked by a strange dark car that seemed to suddenly appear on the highway. The black car was a few feet ahead of Stella and appeared to be “driven” by the light.

The black car then rolled off the highway, down a hill to a standstill. As Stella slowly drove past it, she got a sense that the occupants of the car were looking as the bright orb suddenly dipped below the telephone wires and into a nearby field. From there, Stella saw the light fly northwest before flaring  up into the dark sky. She kept her car moving until she reached the safety of her friend’s house.

Stella’s little visitor
Two years passed and Stella continued to see strange lights in the sky that at times would follow her. Her children were no exception to the eerie events. There were incidents in which they were present when Stella saw the orbs of lights. She had mentioned her experiences only to her family and close friends by the mid to late sixties. Still unaware of what these lights were or what they wanted, she would never imagine what horrors would soon come to visit her.

Starting in 1967, a woman named Stella Lansing from Massachusetts began to notice when she took photos (and film) she would get odd things in the pictures. 

Over the years, she took extensive notes, tried many kinds of cameras, and followed her gut instincts on where to go and where and when to take pictures. Some of the results were amazing. 

Those who have reviewed her work extensively believe she might have been photographing other dimensions or even the paranormal realm. 

In fact, a psychiatrist did a lot of work researching her and learning about her inner workings. As well, many citizens, friends, and others watched her process, witnessing the photograph documenting process in person.
Fascinating and creepy!
Never heard of it before. Excellent post!
Thanks I thought it was pretty cool. I believe in that dimensional stuff, people see mechanical elves when they take lsd, and perhaps the demons are actually interdimensional beings, and the wizards just know how to control the dimension so they can't escape, but from what I've read they are interesting to talk to.