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Full Version: Sean Hannity Takes "Abrupt Vacation" Amid Advertiser Boycott
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Is Fox News about to lose its last remaining "old school" anchor holdout?|

According to, Hannity is taking "a couple days off amid a growing advertiser boycott" over Hannity's pursuit of the Seth Rich story - an parallel to Bill O'Reilly's final days - and so far, seven advertisers are said to have pulled out of Hannity’s show.


Insannity is a scumbag who ran a multi-million-dollar "Freedom Concert" SCAM with his buddy Ollie North.

How NICE of them to play on the public's sympathy for the injured and fallen troops.   Angry

Insannity flies via a private company called New World Air.

He's nothing but another PHONY conservative.  His job -- like all syndicated media "giants" -- is to shepherd the sheep.