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Full Version: Government takes credit for Swedish Hockey world championship win
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Sunday's final in the Hockey World Cup between Canada and Sweden was settled on penalties.

Sweden's goalkeeper Henrik Lundqvist became a match hero after rescuing all of Canada's punishments, while Sweden managed to put two of them.

According to the International Ice Hockey Association, the second World Cup final in history is decided on penalties.

"It's an amazing feeling. Can not be described. There are so many heroes now that I do not know where to start. It's such a great feeling so I just have to enjoy this. Totally amazing! Says associate Rikard Grönborg to C More according to Expressen.

But now, Social Security Minister Annika Strandhäll (S) is accused of trying to take credit for the national team's historic victory. This since she used Twitter on the Twitter hash tag "#svenskamellenleverlever", as it is "the Swedish model" behind the victory.

"Jaaa! World Cup !!! !!! # heroes # Swedish model delivery," writes Annika Strandhäll.

The Swedish model is basically a social-democratic idea that the state, trade unions and employers should work together to avoid problems in the labor market.

But on Twitter, many people do not understand how the minister can make such a post.

"What is the Swedish model delivering? Do you have to do politics of just everything?", Says the signature "bloompudding".

"Rather North American Model," writes "ThatGuy."

"Were there not a lot of white, middle-aged men in the team?", Writes "jboos" in response to Annika Strandhäll.

"Your Swedish model would have meant that Sweden's goalkeeper was an illiterate bearded childmigrant," Gustav claims.

"The Swedish model delivers? Almost exclusively NHL players in the squad. What model do you talk about? Been the model about the Alliance?", Says Kim Blomgren.

"Can you 1) Tell us what the Swedish model is? 2) Tell us what Sweden's World Cup Gold has with it to do? 3) Leave!", The signature "B" writes.

World Cup Gold is celebrated at 17:00 on Sergel's square in Stockholm. If Prime Minister Stefan Löfven and Annika Strandhäll will participate in receiving their medals is unclear.