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Full Version: Karma strikes! Big Game Hunter Crushed By a Just Shot Elephant
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[Image: VcIe6ZH.jpg]

A South African safari leader and big game hunter was crushed to death Friday afternoon when an elephant was shot and fell and on top of him.

Theunis Botha, 51, was hunting with a group in Gwai, Zimbabwe, when they came across a breeding herd of elephants.

They quickly began to shoot, according to News 24, spooking the animals and causing the elephants to charge at the hunters.

[Image: 40A0DDA700000578-4528048-image-m-91_1495393181797.jpg]

Theunis Botha (pictured right with his wife, Carika), 51, was hunting with a group in Gwai, Zimbabwe, when they came across a breeding herd of elephants.

One of the elephants is then said to have picked up Botha with its trunk.
A member of his group shot the elephant, hoping it would put Botha down. Instead, the wounded and dying animal fell on top of him,  crushing him to death.

Botha is survived by his wife Carika and their five children, all who live in Tzaneen, South Africa. 
Carika is expected to make the trip to Zimbabwe in the next few days to identify her husband's body and then bring him home.

[Image: 40A0DE1500000578-4528048-They_quickly_be...015858.jpg]

[Image: 40A0DE3700000578-4528048-One_of_the_elep...703474.jpg]

They quickly began to shoot, according to News 24, spooking the animals and causing the elephants to start to run at the hunters.

Botha was a highly regarded houndsman, and frequently led leopard and lion hunting safaris with his pack of dogs for his company Game Hounds Safaris.

The website says he pioneered the traditional European-style 'Monteria hunts' in southern African countries.
He was a well known hunter in Zimbabwe, and often traveled to the United States to recruit wealthy Americans to take part in big game trophy hunting in Africa.  _see video
Who the fuck is still shooting African big game in the 21st century?  Unleash the Zombie virus already...
I checked under the bed, behind the wardrobe, in all the kitchen cupboards, in the room we don't even call a room, under chairs, under tables, behind boxes...

NO - I can't find ONE FUCK to give for that arsehole!
Trophy hunting of any kind is an abomination. I'm glad 
Mr. Botha will not get to do any more of it.
Was it Karma?
Jul 15, 1995

Lets ask the Aliens..

Under duress, and having experienced a shattering blow of some kind, humans often ascribe the cause to karma. There is bad karma and good karma and this explains everything, or so they hope. Could it be that life is so terribly unpredictable? Why would a benign God throw them into such a situation, create such an erratic world? Yes and no, there is karma. Karma is at play where the human causes the situation in some manner, by their prior actions in this lifetime. Karma is not at play when the life situation occurs because of acts of nature or the actions of other humans not directly involved in the situation at hand. We will give examples.

 A man is greedy, always seeking to maximize the goods that he can call his own. Materialistic. In the main he succeeds in becoming a man of means, and secretly gloats over his ability to charm or manipulate others so that he succeeds. Then one day he finds himself a pauper, having been outdone by one with greater charm or manipulation skills. Is this karma? It is indeed, as the man brought this down on himself by amassing goods and bragging about. He essentially placed a sign where everyone could see, saying come steal from me. It would also be karma if a former business partner, having been left bereft and financially devastated due to the actions of the greedy one, arranged for the greedy one to have marital troubles. Where one's trouble can be traced directly to one's own actions in this lifetime, that is karma.

Not karma. A woman desires children, and in due course marries and becomes pregnant. Through a throw of nature's dice, one of her conceptions has an extra chromosome, and is a mongoloid, retarded. Friends point out that she was not a scrupulous housekeeper, or perhaps was torn between her career and family duties, and that her misfortune is karma as now she must stay home and tend to the new youngster, who needs constant care. Another example is a car accident, where one is driving down the highway and, rounding the curve, finds themselves head on with a drunken driver. Did the victim cause this accident somehow? It was simply a matter of time and place, a throw of the dice. These situations do not involve karma, not even as retribution from a former lifetime, which never occurs. Each incarnation is truly a fresh start.
I have mixed feelings about trophy hunting. If they are targeting old and sick animals, like a lot do, and give the meat to locals then I'm AirquotesokayAirquotes with it I suppose. Other than that it needs to be stopped!
(05-22-2017, 05:07 AM)Munchaab Wrote: [ -> ]I checked under the bed, behind the wardrobe, in all the kitchen cupboards, in the room we don't even call a room, under chairs, under tables, behind boxes...

NO - I can't find ONE FUCK to give for that arsehole!



I am always telling people that the karma for their actions good or bad lies upon their head. This case was a more literal example than most.
eh...i wouldnt really say "karma" because that karma stuff is just big bullshit. JUST because you are a dick doesn't mean bad things will happen to you BECAUSE you did that bad thing. Same goes for good things. Can't tell you how many times I've done good things for people only to be fucked over in the end.

So, it doesn't exist. It's an interesting coping mechanism though, in the aspect of ...we LIKE to think that bad person will "have what's coming to them" but they really dont. It's all coincidence. There's no force that says because you did a good thing you WILL get rewarded. It's just the likelihood of something good happening to you is HIGHER of a chance because you did that good thing, and bad things are more likely to happen to you because you did that bad thing with risks.

There are no other forces at work that decide because you took that last cookie from a stupid looking kid, that now your bike tire will pop on the way home BECAUSE of THAT cookie incident lol.

Good for the elephant though :P sorry for my bit of a rant there
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