Banned Users List
Username Reason Banned By Ban Date Unban Date
NowServingNumber52 Never stops ChillBro 11-04-2016 N/A
Resident Wonk Pathological liar. Perpetual shit stirrer. Baseless attacks on users not even involved in her drama quest. Angry Red Man 03-22-2017 N/A
jess Outrageous and libellous allegations of inappropriate behaviour of members and staff. Munchaab 05-14-2017 N/A
katlex22 Hinky Linkies in the siggy MysticPizza 11-29-2017 N/A
worlduniversejam OMG...Just no. MysticPizza 11-18-2017 N/A
killainpills SPAM Munchaab 11-17-2017 N/A
Harris SPAM Munchaab 11-14-2017 N/A
CharlesFreeman Essay SPAM Munchaab 11-15-2017 N/A
Sequild Barbarich SPAM Munchaab 11-15-2017 N/A
zaedrgf SPAM Munchaab 11-14-2017 N/A
uytrew Spam. Angry Red Man 11-14-2017 N/A
Lestre06 Barbarich SPAM Munchaab 11-13-2017 N/A
hpenvy Printer SPAM Munchaab 11-13-2017 N/A
ieltslegit1234 Spam Frigg 11-12-2017 N/A
Hadonse Barbarich SPAM Munchaab 12-01-2017 N/A
Coners ... MysticPizza Today N/A
gayatri08 . MysticPizza Today N/A
prabs . MysticPizza Today N/A